• Mission Design

    • The mission design for this NASA-funded mission to Mars involved complex analysis​ of the necessary parameters to ensure that the science needs were met by a micro-satellite with a small pulsed-plasma thruster

    • Required training additional team members to aid in development of solution

  • Systems Engineering and Integration

    • This NASA-JPL mission​ required developing a Lunar mission to take advantage of synergy with a Mars mission of the same caliber

    • Engineering and integration of the subsystems and science package for the Lunar rover

  • Space Shuttle Program Safety & Mission Assurance

    • Providing engineering analysis to NASA Johnson Space Center in support of the Space Shuttle Program​

    • Included Guidance, Navigation, and Control as well as Mission Control Center support

  • Missile Defense Agency Systems Engineering

    • ​Analysis of Missile Defense capabilities, including development of new solutions​​

    • Testing and requirements verification of multiple MDA solutions

  • Space Startup Mission Design and Analysis + Consulting

    • Development of a variety of solutions for space startups around the world​

    • Included mission design and modeling and simulation

  • Next-Generation GPS

    • Modeling new military GPS solutions​

    • Included testing and requirements analysis

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